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Chinese Oriental Dress

 Chinese Oriental Dresses The Chinese Oriental Dress is also known as 'Qipao' or 'Cheongsam'. It features a standing collar, a loose chest, right-side-buttoning front, frog closure buttons, slender waistline, slit openings and excellent embroidery techniques. It is usually made of good quality fabrics like silk or satin brocade, with a variety of prints and motives.

This elegant, close-fitting chinese dress allows the beauty of a female body to be fully displayed and also creates the illusion of slender legs. A close-fitting is required in all parts in order to attain the most comfort, convenience, suitability and harmony. The overall image: practical and yet sexy.

Today, with its variety of styles, wearing a chinese oriental dress has turned into something of a vogue. The dress has become a fashionable garment appearing at weddings, festivals and cermonies, in shops and showcase windows, on catwalks and even as every day wear. It is no longer a garment particular to Chinese women. It has been accepted by people all around the world and will certainly be standing higher and more beautiful on the summits of fashion. Indeed, there is a new craze for this graceful, body-hugging dress.

An indescribable charm comes from the wonderful combination of the woman's figure and the dress. At Spadina Shop, you can always find a chinese oriental dress that fits your body and suits your need. You can also find plenty of useful information, facts and tips about the chinese oriental dress.
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