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 Wedding Dress Chinese dress ... for your wedding!
The chinese dress (also known as 'qipao' or 'cheongsam') has become increasingly popular for wedding ceremonies, wedding banquets and wedding photo-sessions. In fact, the majority of our customers are brides, bridesmaids or female guests who are attending the weddings! They all look especially outstanding and beautiful. If your son is going to be one of ring bearer boys at the wedding, you need to consider all options for boys clothing accessories, select the best matching bow tie and make his look neat and handsome!

An interesting observation is that many young chinese women with a modern fashion taste have revert to wearing traditional chinese dresses for their weddings. We would have expected them to opt for a more western style wedding. But it seems that they have not given up their traditional or customary practices. On the contary, the non-chinese women, especially the westerners, have chosen the chinese dresses for a different reason. They want something unconventional, something cool and hip! Therefore, the chinese dress is the choice for your wedding ... regardless you see it as something traditional or something ultra-unconventional.

We suggest the bridesmaid to wear chinese dresses with colours that compliment the one which the bride is wearing. We have chinese dresses for children too ... ideal for flowergirls!

 Prom Dress Prom Dress ... be different!
Every girl wants to be special on a prom night ... to be different from the everyday look, to be different from other girls. Ignore that conventional little black dress or that overly-mature evening gown. Be different!

As more and more clothing styles begin to reveal more and more of our bodies, many girls are reverting to modest dress choices. The elegant and graceful chinese dress has the distinct advantage of showing just enough to be sexy but covering up enough not to look like trash.

A chinese girl naturally looks good in a chinese dress; but a non-chinese wearing a chinese dress will certainly make heads turn and leave a lasting impression on a prom night! It's cool and you get all the attention.

If it is a formal prom event, we recommend a long chinese dress. If it is a partying or clubbing atmosphere, you can pick a short (knee-length) chinese dress.

 Sexy Chinese Dress Be hot and cool?!
Yes, it is indeed possible to look hot and yet be cool ... at the same time! A body-hugging, short chinese dress allows you to be sexy and reflects your unique fashion taste.

Get a chinese dress and underwear from Spadina Shop! Find out more about us, or start shopping now!
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