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Spadina Shop specialises in traditional Chinese Dress (also known as 'Qipao' or 'Cheongsam'). We are the premier shop in North America (Canada, USA) and Europe. Our oriental clothing is ideal for weddings and proms.
Product Name Model Price  
Black Chinese DressSF002C$39.99
Black Chinese DressSD002C$39.99
Black Chinese DressLD002C$49.99
Black Chinese DressLF002C$49.99
Black Jacket with Blue DragonDJ002C$59.99
Black Jacket with Golden DragonDJ003C$59.99
Black Jacket with Purple DragonDJ005C$59.99
Black Jacket with Red DragonDJ001C$59.99
Black Jacket with Silver DragonDJ004C$59.99
Burgundy Chinese DressLD004C$49.99
Burgundy Chinese DressSD004C$39.99
Burgundy Chinese DressSF004C$39.99
Emperor’s DressEM001C$499.99
Golden Chinese DressLF004C$49.99
Golden Chinese DressLD005C$49.99
Hot Pink Chinese DressLF010C$49.99
Leader SuitL001C$69.99
Navy Blue Chinese DressLF003C$49.99
Navy Blue Chinese DressLD003C$49.99
Navy Blue Chinese DressSD003C$39.99
Red Chinese DressLD001C$49.99
Red Chinese DressLF001C$49.99
Red Chinese DressSF001C$39.99
Red Chinese DressSD001C$39.99
Royal Blue Chinese DressLF008C$49.99
Silk Black Jacket with OrangeSJ002C$69.99
Silk Black Jacket with RedSJ001C$69.99
Silk Blue Jacket with GoldenSJ003C$69.99
Silver Chinese DressSF005C$39.99
Silver Chinese DressLF007C$49.99
Silver Chinese DressSF006C$39.99
Silver Chinese DressLF006C$49.99
Silver Chinese DressLF005C$49.99
Silver Sleeveless Chinese DressLSD004C$49.99
Silver Sleeveless Chinese DressLSD003C$49.99
Turquoise Chinese DressLF009C$49.99

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 Silk Black Jacket with Orange
Silk Black Jacket with Orange
01.Red Chinese Dress
02.Burgundy Chinese Dress
03.Navy Blue Chinese Dress
04.Black Chinese Dress
05.Black Chinese Dress
06.Black Chinese Dress
07.Black Jacket with Purple Dragon
08.Black Jacket with Silver Dragon
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